Our Mission

1. Contribute to the sustainable growth of human beings on this precious earth through life science technology, especially drug discovery and medical treatment.
2. Contribute to the regional development by competing and collaborating with the leading world technologies through fostering promising technology seeds in Okayama area and Chugoku & Shikoku region.

Business Scope

Acting as a bridge between promising technology seeds in life science and real drug market in order to effectively bringing the research outcome to the citizens globally.


Corporate Profiles
Name  Momotaro-Gene Inc.
Established on  August 17th, 2007
Capital  211 million Japanese yen (As of the end of March, 2012)
Stock holders  Directors, Researchers, Recruit Co. Ltd.,
 Leading companies in Okayama
Directors  President and CEO  Mr. Hitoshi SHIOMI
 Executive vice president  Dr. Shigeru KOBAYASHI
  ( Chief Science Officer)
 Prof. Hiromi KUMON
 Director  Dr. Susumu IWASA
 Director  Mr. Richard Lowenthal
 Auditor  Mr. Hisanori DATE
Counselor   Mr. Kazuo KAMISUGI
 (former president of Japan Intellectual Property
 Mr. Hiroyuki UCHIDA
 (former managing director of Okayama Chamber of
Senior Advisor  Prof. Ryuichi MORISHITA (Osaka University)
 Dr. Hao Yan (President & CEO, EPS Co., Ltd.)
Office Address  〒700-8558
 #23,Okayama Medical Innovation Center, 2-5-1
 Sikatatyou, kita-ku, Okayama 7008558, Japan

August, 2007  Founding Momotaro-Gene Inc.
November, 2007  Acquiring exclusive license for REIC basic and prostate
 cancer patent
December, 2007  Acquiring exclusive license for REIC fragment patent
January, 2008  Prof. Morishita and Dr. Yan inaugurating to senior advisors
April, 2008  Mr. Kamisugi inaugurating to a director and Mr. Uchida
 to a counselor
August, 2008  Acquiring the angel tax system prior approval
  ( the first approval in Chugoku MEXT office)
October, 2008  Ad-REIC GMP manufacturing starts,
 moving-in to Okayama incubator

Our team
  President and CEO  Mr.Hitoshi SHIOMI
   He is a good coordinator necessary for biotech start-up companies.
   He is currently the head of BioScienceLink Inc., whose main job is
   linking a domestic seeds and companies to the global ones.
  Executive vice president  Dr. Shigeru KOBAYASHI
   He was the developer of lupulin and former director general of the
   drug development at Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. He has a great
   command of personnel connection and knowledge of drug development.
  Director (Chief Science Officer)  Prof. Hiromi KUMON
   He plays the most important role in this REIC development. He is a
   medical doctor and former dean of Okayama University medical
   departments who also serves enthusiastically as the leader of
   collaboration for academia, industry and government in Okayama
  Auditor  Mr. Hisanori DATE
   He was in the top ranking Japanese bank for 20 years and served
   more than five years in investment and research job in New York
   and San Diego. He is well versed into the investment in the advanced
   technology field and is currently the head of IC square partners Inc.
  Counselor (Intellectual Property)  Mr. Kazuo KAMISUGI
   He has vast experiences of Intellectual Property handling in the
   drug development field and former group manager of the IP
   strategy at Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. He served as president
   of Japan Intellectual Property Association and other related bodies.


Momotaro-Gene Inc.