Momotaro-Gene Inc.

Momotaro-Gene Inc. is a biotech start-up company whose primary technology seed ‘REIC’ comes from Okayama University. REIC, reduced expression in immortalized cells, is a new tumor suppressor gene isolated and identified at Okayama University. REIC can be the real magic bullet which satisfies all the requisitions for cancer treatment; it can apply to many kinds of cancer, selectively kill cancer cells without harming normal cells, induce potent anti-tumor immunity, and may lead to preventing cancer and also developing new molecular targeting drugs.
We currently focus our energy on realizing Phase I/II clinical study for prostate cancer and malignant mesothelioma in the US and Japan to establish its proof of concept (POC) as a real innovative medicine for cancer. Once the POC established, we would like to research and develop further its possibility to other cancers with various gene carriers, and its new molecular target drug using REIC protein or peptide.
The company name follows a popular hero of Japanese folklore, who allegedly lived in Okayama, destroyed the marauding demons around here, and brought fortunes to the village. We hope we will be able to destroy the demon of this century, that is cancer and bring a great benefit to the world.


Momotaro Legend

Momotaro is one of the most popular heroes of Japanese folklore. His name literally means Peach Tarō; as Tarō is a common Japanese boy's name, it is often translated as Peach Boy. Allegedly, he was born from peach and raised up by old couple. Years later, with millet dumpling given by his step mother and together with a dog, a monkey and a pheasant as his disciples, he went and destroyed the demon. Momotaro is strongly associated with Okayama and his tale should have its origin here.

Story outline:
The old, childless woman discovered the giant, floating peach and take it home with her. She cut it in halves to find a baby there. They raised him as their son with a great love.
Years later, learning the villagers around suffered from the demons, Momotaro left his parents for an island called Onigashima (demon island) to destroy the marauding demons that dwelt there. En route, Momotarō met and befriended a talking dog, monkey, and pheasant, who agreed to help him in exchange for millet dumplings made by his mother. At the island, Momotarō and his animal friends penetrated the demons' fort and beat the demons' leader as well as his army, into surrendering. Momotarō returned home with his new friends and fortunes accumulated by the demons, and his family lived comfortably from then on.


The image on the top page

The image of Momotaro, Peach Boy on our web top page is CG animation for the wood carving puppet by Takaaki Nomura, famous wood crafter and president of the Dekumobo craft center in Maebashi City. Another work of his Momotaro wood craft is displayed at the Okayama Digital Museum.

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Momotaro-Gene Inc.